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The Center for Community Services has been located here in city of Tuzla. We started in January of 2018. and are working hard to put together a multi-service community center offering our vibrant County community access to the essential human services and continuing education that allow them to succeed.

The aims of the association are the organization and implementation of educational, psychosocial, social and counseling work with the purpose of promoting human values and development of individuals, families, groups and communities. Particular emphasis is placed on the processes of deinstitutionalisation and posttreatment protection.

The Center for Community Services is a nonprofit organization that, through community social service provision, supports the socialization of children, young people and adults with less social opportunities utilizing the process of strengthened community involvement and after care.


Enrich individual minds, enhance lives and expand perspectives.


AIM: Improving social inclusion of children and young people that are in contact/conflict with law


Adoption of social skills and support to children and young people when they arrive in institutions
Improving the educational outcomes of children and youth in institutions
Preparing for going out of the care through the adoption of key competences for independent living
Support for young people after leaving the care
Creating a network of collaborators and community support

Young people who were in some form of care, and now live alone
Juvenile perpetrators of criminal offenses


I. During stay in the institution - adoption of social skills and support

Group work
one-day thematic workshops
educational workshops - Cycle workshop 12-14 meetings (September - December) + excursion to the local community
Individual work
psycho-socio-pedagogical support
mentoring personally with the aim of improving educational outcomes + support and socializing
II. Preparing for going out of the care and going out of the care (posttretman) - Empowering and adopting key competences for independent living

Group work
Educational workshops in the cycle of 12-14 group meetings (January - May)
Weekend trips and youth exchanges
One-day thematic workshops

2. Individual work - live on Skype, info phone and FB profiles

psycho-socio-pedagogical support
psychotherapy and counseling
Other: Use of computers, internet, printers, presentation informative meetings, mediation, collaboration with CZSR, institutions, educational institutions, employers, entertainment facilities,
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