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11.03.2024 00:28

Center for community services PUŽ


National consultancy

for the evaluation of the project

 “Local NGO's Combating Human Trafficking in Migration”

Background and Context

Every day we encounter information about the emergence of the latest trends in human trafficking associated with mass migration flows and migrant smuggling chains across the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thousands of people who participate in mixed migration flows in Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot to continue their journey or have been smuggled, are vulnerable to human trafficking, especially women and unaccompanied minors. Within the mixed migration flows of people in transit through BiH, migrants and refugees may be exposed to violence and forced labour, forced marriages, sexual exploitation and violence, and forced detention for the purpose of extorting money from their families. According to the reports of various international organizations, in addition to particularly vulnerable categories that are subject to human trafficking; unaccompanied women and children, we also have groups that are subject to this risk: persons who have survived sexual and gender-based violence, domestic violence and violence from relatives; migrant families with young children, migrants with acute or chronic medical conditions, migrants with disabilities, victims of crimes along the route, migrants who have been on the road for more than one year and migrants who speak lesser-known languages. (Strategy to combat human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Human trafficking and exploitation are one of the biggest problems among migrants, however the number of victims formally identified in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains extremely low. Out of the total number of potential victims of human trafficking (70) in 2020, 7 victims are foreign citizens, and 63 victims are BiH citizens. As a problem that arises in the local community, the insufficiently developed resources of local organizations and the non-existence of support programs for young people who participate in migration flows in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the shortcomings in the local community are the absence of clearly constructed indicators of human trafficking risk assessment that are available to the migrant population, in addition to the lack of a safe space and language barriers that make the information process difficult. The lack of financial resources and the impossibility of further movement from Bosnia and Herzegovina also contribute to the fact that young people and persons participating in migration processes are exposed to risks and human trafficking activities.

This ToR is a part of the project “Local NGO's Combating Human Trafficking in Migration” which is supported by the USAID/INSPIRE and implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period of 18 months, from October 2022 to April 2024. The project is coordinated by NGO Center for community services PUŽ, and project partners are Zemlja djece u Bosni i Hercegovini, Centar ženskih prava Zenica and Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this assignment is to enable better protection of children and youth at mixed migration process trough smuggling and trafficking.

The objective is to develop a evaluate all process and project achievements.


  • Degree in social work, social pedagogy or law;
  • At least 5 years of work experience is relevant topics;
  • Thorough knowledge of relevant international standards and research in areas of service provision;
  • It is an asset to have specific knowledge/experience of dealing with people on the move;
  • Familiarity with social and childcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Excellent language skills both fluent English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines.


Scope of work


  • Assess the international and domestic legal framework with regards to children and youth on the move, and provision of services for the mentioned target population;
  • Assess the availability of stakeholders, public, CSOs, or other mechanisms for protection of children and youth on the move;
  • Analyse the minimum standards for organizations and institutions dealing with children and youth on the move;


Methodology and Technical Approach

In the framework of the project, the term “people on the move” includes the following target groups: youth and children in the move, with special attention on the minor without guardians.

Based on the provided inputs, following template for outline is recommended:

  • Introduction;
  • Glossary with definitions;
  • Overview of situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with international and national legal framework;
  • General principles and values;
  • Types of services provided by CSOs for this population;
  • Procedures and guidelines (safe guarding protocols, work protocols, referrals, templates for record keeping and reporting, involving stakeholders and relevant institutions, recommendations on trainings skills and values on team and experts…);
  • Conclusion;


Feedback on content of the guideline is going to be provided by Center for community services PUŽ on a timely manner.

The Consultant is expected to work remotely.


Key Deliverables and Timeframe

The Consultant will be engaged in the period from March 15th 2024 to March 31th 2024 for in total 15 working days.

The Consultant is expected to produce the following key deliverables with the following tentative deadlines:



Tentative deadlines

1. Outline of the Guideline

25 March 2024

2. The first draft of the Guideline

25 March 2024

3. Final draft

29 March 2024

4. Final version of the Guideline

31 March 2024

Management and Organization

Management: The Consultant will be coordinateD and supervised by the Project coordinator.

Schedule: This assignment will commence on March 15, 2024. and shall be finished by March 31, 2024.


Budget and Remuneration

The candidates are requested to submit their financial offer consisting of fee for the services to be provided, travel and subsistence costs, as/if applicable. Available budget for this consultancy is 2500 BAM, gross amount.

The consultant’s fee may be reduced if the assignments/deliverables are not fulfilled to the required standard. In a case of serious dissatisfaction with the consultant’s performance the contract may be terminated in line with  the procedures of Center fo community services PUŽ in such matters and as spelled out in the contract.         

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